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6 inch soft corn tortillas topped with cilantro and onions

Al Pastor pork

Made with our own secret ingredients


Barbacoa lamb

Delicious well seasoned lamb meat


Chorizo con Huevo
chorizo with scrambled eggs

Made with traditional Mexican chorizo


Carnitas pork

Tender shredded pork


Lengua beef tongue

Perfect taco made with delicious tender beef tongue


Pollo chicken

Grilled chicken with mildly spice secret sauce


Pollo con Nopales chicken with cactus

Grilled chicken with cactus and jalapenos


Carne Asada steak

Served with our tasty tender mix of sirloin and ribeye


Camaron shrimp

Seasoned fresh shrimp with jalapenos, cactus, pico, avocado and queso freso


Pescado fish

Made with our tasty fresh tilapia with jalapenos, cactus, pico, avocado and queso fresco


Vegetariano vegetarian

Made with cactus, jalapenos, onions and topped with avocados



Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of meat and completed with lettuce and pico de gallo

Cheese – $11.29
Chicken, Steak, Pastor or Chorizo – $14.49
Shrimp – $15.99
Lamb – $16.99
Add Crema – $1.99

The "El Toluco" Taco Kit

Choose from a pound and a half of any of the following delicious meats – chicken, steak, carnitas or pastor. The kits include cilantro, onions, limes, tortillas, large chips and salsa. 

Chicken, Steak, Carnitas or Pastor – $49.00/kit


Tortas made with homemade bread, mayonnaise, beans, tomato, onion, lettuce, jalapeno, chipotle salsa, avocado, oaxaca cheese, fresco cheese, ham and head cheese.

Carne Asada grilled steak

Made with tender rib-eye and sirloin


Al Pastor pork

Made with our secret recipe from Mexico


Barbacoa lamb

Made with our well seasoned barbacoa/lamb meat


Lengua beef tongue

Made with our tender beef tongue meat


Chorizo spicy sausage

Made with traditional spicy chorizo


Carnitas pork

Delicious tender shredded pork carnitas


Pollo a la Milanesa chicken milanese

Made with our lightly breaded chicken


Carne a la Milanesa steak milanese

Made with our lightly breaded steak


Customer Favorites

Tacos Al Pastor

Torta con Asada

Pollo Quesadilla

Vegetarian Tacos





4oz – $4.99
8oz – $8.99

Rice or Beans


Pico de Gallo




Sour Cream


Flour Tortillas (5)


Nopal (Cactus)


Sauteed onions & jalapenos (Toriados)








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